What are they?

Bach Flower Therapy is a natural therapy based on the 38 flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach. Flower essences have many positive effects on people’s health. Taking these essences allows you to work pathologies and overcome the fears you never thought you could overcome. It is a global therapy that treats the individual and not his illness or his symptoms. To use the flowers of Bach takes into account the health of the person and also their mood, their personality and their way of dealing with problems.
Each of the remedies help to balance a characteristic or negative emotional state in particular, such as: self-esteem, fear, lack of confidence, despair, etc.

To select flowers you just need to think about what kind of person you are and how you feel. Then you just need to take the Bach flowers you need. It is not the symptoms but the cause that produces them that matters. Finding out the reason we can find a solution. We must cure the root of the cause that causes the discomfort.

Bach flowers transform negativeĀ attitudes into positive ones. Do not wait to feel sick to use Bach flower therapy.

In difficult moments, when everything is negative, if the Bach flowers are of great value to reach a balance and avoid the appearance of symptoms.

Some people think it has a placebo effect, however it is also used in babies, animals or even plants (The Rescue Remedy is an urgent remedy or rescue remedy, which helps a plant to flourish with more strength when it is transplanted).


Bach Flowers Origin

To know the origin of the discovery, we have to know the history of Edward Bach:

Edward Bach, was a very advanced doctor for his time. From a very young age it was clear to him that the personality and attitude of each human being influenced his state of health. He worked first as a bacteriologist, but due to illness, he started to investigate on his own since he believed that he had to fulfill a mission. When he entered as a bacteriologist at the Homeopathic Hospital in London, he began to observe his patients and decided to also analyze his personality and his psychological states. Then, he began to look for a remedy for each type of personality.

As he was not very in agreement with the traditional medicine, he looked for more natural remedies, based on flowers. He returns to Wales and begins his research with flowers, from which he extracts infusions. He worked them in different ways until he found his system: place the freshly cut flowers in a bowl of water from a nearby stream and leave them in the sun for a few hours.

After lots of work and observations with plants and flowers and check them, he managed to develop a new medicine related to emotions that brings together: 34 wild flowers, 3 flowers of cultivation, and the last spring water. To preserve and stabilize the solution added alcohol, in this case cognac.

“Illness is not cruelty or punishment, but only and only a warning; it is an instrument that serves our own soul to show us our mistakes, to prevent others and prevent us from committing more damage to return to the path of truth and light, of which we should never have left. “

Dr. Edward Bach

On what emotions can we work??

Bach flowers can help you feel good whatever your emotion or problem, as they cover virtually any emotional issue that an individual may feel. From known fears, to fears without apparent cause, anger, terror, jealousy, insecurity, despair, loneliness, suffering for others without motive, impatience, stubbornness, lack of motivation or energy, exaggerated fatigue, disappointment, lack of self-esteem, feeling of not being able, people who need the approval of others, indecision …

How do they work?

All remedies used in this treatment method are prepared with flowers from wild plants, shrubs or trees. None of them is harmful or generates habit. They have no contraindications or side effects. Therefore, it is a remedy for everyone, and that was the intention of Dr. Bach: that man could take care of his own healing.

Emotions are vibrations, sensations in the body. When a person feels fear or sadness, it is said that the vibration of this emotion in the body is unbalanced, that it is not emitted at the proper frequency. Each of the Bach Flowers emits the correct frequency to counteract this negative emotion for you.

So, each time you take your flower preparation, your body receives the correct vibration that it would have to feel, giving the right information and making the person return alone to regulate, transforming the emotional discomfort.

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